So you just can’t get enough, hunh? Well, lucky for you, my attention span is about as short as my pinkie toe (It’s really short. Okay, okay, it’s not the best metaphor, but trust me on this.) and I’ve gotten plenty of other social media platforms to keep you entertained.

For 3+ years of sunflowers, Johnny Cash, and overreactions to pictures of home libraries, direct your attention to Life of M.

For pictures of drool-worthy typography, writing quotes, and sometimes actual writing, check out Stay Hungry Stay Foolish.

For life-changing realizations about Spain such as these


Or maybe asinine thoughts on being 22 as seen here


Check out the twitter feed.

For other general mischief and amusement, you can e-mail me at


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Molly Adams says:

    Missing your blogs.(But not half as much as YOU) Hope to see some soon on all your recent travels. 😉

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